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Food Allergy Lawsuits in the News

Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit against a Chinese Restaurant because her daughter died due to peanuts in the food. Here is the article: Lawsuit Filed After Girl Dies From Peanuts In Chinese Food. This is a very sad occurrence. However, it really is the parents responsibility to educate the school, child and ask the restaurant about the ingredients that the child can and can not eat. The child would not have died if she was administered proper medication, such as epinepherine. It was not the restaurants fault when the parents do not understand the culture involved in dealing with ethnic foods, have a lack of understanding about food allergies, and have miscommunication between parents, schools, and children. You have to expect that Chinese restaurants will not change the recipe that they use. Asian food without soy and peanuts, is not Asian food. The teacher could be at fault for not speaking with the child about the food or not remembering what to do. Another child could also be at fault for forcing the kid to eat the food, like as a dare, which I have seen before. If a child is allergic to soy and peanuts Asian food should not be brought into the classroom for everyone else. If the child has an allergic reaction at school they really should be brought to the hospital and not ignore the problem. Ignoring the allergy and not administering medication is what the real cause of death is, and not the restaurants fault.

You just have to realize that if you have food allergies you should not step into an Asian restaurant, nor can you even trust an Italian or American restaurant to understand what food allergies are. I’ve already been to a restaurant several times in which they say they will cook their food with olive oil, but they don’t. The Italian style chicken was sopping wet in vegetable oil and I get an allergic reaction.

Asian restaurants can’t help it. Their food is made with soy and peanuts 100% of the time.

I’m 28 years old, and when I go shopping with my Mom she still asks me if I looked at the ingredients. If I go to a restaurant with my Mom she still speaks up and asks if I asked about the ingredients or asks for me. It is important to educate yourself, your family and peers about your tolerance level to what you are allergic to, what ingredients you can eat, how to recognize a reaction, and how to stop one. If you do not trust that your child knows to avoid what they are eating they should carry an Epipen with them to stop the allergic reaction before the ambulance arrives. I also find Benadryl and drinking plenty of water to be helpful in stopping allergic reactions that are more mild.

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