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What Causes Food Allergies?

When I was 2 years old a baby sitter gave me a peanut butter cookie. I had my first allergic reaction to it. Now my Mom thinks that her obsession with eating peanuts while she was pregnant with my caused my food allergies. She ate peanut butter every single day. My younger brother does not have food allergies. If you are pregnant do not eat food allergies. If eating peanuts causes food allergies, and drinking too much alcohol causes fetal alcohol syndrome, then I wonder what other environmental causes can doctors discover for diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. Here is an article about the intake of peanuts that cause food allergies in children:

Don’t Pass the Peanuts to Moms-in-Waiting

I would also then deduce that vegetarian, vegan, and raw food diets should not be recommended to pregnant women. If too many peanuts cause food allergies, then children of mothers that do not eat meat at all have a higher risk of food allergies and diabetes.

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