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Do you hate Fish?

I spend a lot of time going up and down grocery isles looking at ingredients to find something interesting that I am not allergic to. It takes up a lot of time, but sometimes I can find some interesting products to be eggless and breaded that you would not expect to be egg and soy free. So I decided to write brief reviews of products that I find to eat in case you have not found it yet.

I decided to start out with fish. I am not a big fan of fish. I find that having food allergies also means that I do not like tastes that others like, like bitter food or pickled food. I especially hate fish that tastes really fishy or fish sticks with too much gray matter instead of meat in it.

I have recently found 2 brands of fish sticks that are tolerable. Usually, fried and battered products must be made with egg. However, a lot of people with food allergies may also be allergic to egg and do better on an egg free diet even if it does not cause an allergic reaction. I recommend Dr. Praeger’s breaded Fish Filets or Fish sticks. However, I would stay away from their Gluten Free variety, because it has egg in the ingredients. For Gluten Free and Egg Free Fish Filets, I recommend Starfish brand products. I really like the Halibut and the Cod. I have not tried the Haddock yet, though. You can not find Starfish at every grocery store. I found it at the Whole Foods in Lincoln Park, but not in River Forest.

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