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Interesting Site Review

I am one who prefers to shop in a store for food so I can walk up and down the aisles to look at everything. However, if you have developed a love for internet shopping and have even started to buy food online, I recently discovered a website that is very interesting.

AllergyFreeKosher.com: Your Allergy Free Superstore

You do not have to be a Jew that keeps Kosher to try this website. There are a lot of interesting products they offer here for those with allergies or gluten intolerances. I actually can find some of them in the stores to, like ice cream cones. It’s really great to find an ice cream cone that I am not allergic too, especially sugar cones that don’t leak ice cream from the bottom! Some of the prices for the products are too high, but some of them are not. They get extra points from me for listing the nutritional info and the ingredients for every item. You can also select the type of food allergy that you have so that you can get recommended product that are right for you.

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