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Low Cost and Allergy Friendly Snacks

Today, I stopped at Aldi’s on the way home from work. They closed the one near my home so I haven’t been there in a while. It gave me an idea for a quick blog post that I had forgotten to write about in one of the previous posts. Aldi’s carries some unique and low cost brands. Usually, lower cost brands do have a lot of soy in them and it is the expensive gourmet and organic or all natural brands that are more food allergy friendly. These brands really are too expensive and I do not like buying them often. However, Aldi’s has an interesting brand called “Fit and Active”. These are low calorie items. Many of them are food allergy friendly. Some of the items do have soy lecithin. However, as I mentioned in previous blog posts, soy lecithin supposedly does not cause an allergic reaction. I am highly allergic to soy and I have not had a problem with regularly eating foods with soy lecithin in it. I do feel comfortable eating it and recommending that others try it. Today I bought Cheddar Flavored Rice Snacks (which taste just like cheese popcorn), Fruit Strips, Devil’s Food Cookies, 100 Calorie Pack Cheese Crackers (which taste better than Cheez-Its), Lasagna, and 100 Calorie Pack Chocolate Wafer Cookies all for $10.89! That price is amazing! I also noticed that Fit and Active salad dressing is also made with out soy, too! That is really difficult to find unless the dressing is organic. It’s a good thing that Aldi’s closed near me just so I won’t over eat at these prices! It’s cheaper than buying Lay’s potato chips or Frito’s from the vending machine at $0.75 a bag.

Thanks again for reading the blog. I am glad to be helpful for those that have found my site. In the future I will be writing about bread, soup, packaged goods, snacks, breakfast food, other dietary problems (including the dreaded burning mouth syndrome) and more…

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