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Looking for a place to eat out?

It is very difficult to find a restaurant to eat at with food allergies. Many chef’s don’t understand food allergies and will not even change an oil even if you asked them for it. A waitress even lied to me once, saying it was olive oil and I had an allergic reaction, which must have meant that a soy based oil was used instead. Some restaurants will provide a list of ingredients and others will not.

I have found that Italian and Greek restaurants are the easiest for me to eat at because the diet normally consists of olive oil. However, it is expensive so a lot of restaurants do still use a soy based vegetable oil or blended oil. Many restaurant chains and fast food restaurants do list ingredients on websites. Checking the website before hand can let you know if you should even try eating there. However, most likely there will be some soy product in the food. Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, and some other higher priced restaurants and restaurant chains, are very allergy friendly because they do actually provide you with a paper to write down the ingredients that you do not want in your food and will recommend what you should buy. I have heard that Ruby Tuesday’s uses canola oil in a lot of their food instead of soy. Whole Foods Market has a lot of great options in their deli section that use canola oil instead of soy. All of their ingredients are visibly listed, so it is a good option for fast food. Surprisingly, I just discovered that Starbuck’s is an option as well. Their Roasted Tomato & Mozzarella Panini is made with only canola and olive oil. The pesto has no pine nuts! You will definitely find one of those near you!

If you do have questions about Canola oil, I will write more about oils in the future. It is actually a variety of rapeseed that has been engineered in Canada to contain less amino acids than normal. This makes it supposedly digestible for those with food allergies. Canola stands for Canadian Oil Low Acid. I have heard that Spain has done a similar thing with Sunflower oil, but has not changed its name. So seeing sunflower oil in packaged goods may be alright for people with food allergies to try.

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