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Allergic Reactions to Vaccines

It is important to ask your doctor for a list of ingredients of a vaccine before you accept the shot. Some vaccines do have soy and albumin (egg) in them. Although there is albumin that has a human and a bovine source, as well. There are different formulas for flu vaccines, and some do not have albumin in them. I think I once had a flu vaccine with the albumin, and it made my arm so swollen and sore for many days that I could not even lift my arm well. Wikipedia does have an entry with a list of ingredients of some vaccines, but it is not a full list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_vaccine_ingredients. This is one of the only vaccine that I have had such a severe problem with. I also felt very slightly sick for a long period of time after having a tetanus shot that included the whooping cough vaccine, but that was not a severe reaction and I really needed to have that vaccine anyway.

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