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I miss eating good french fries. Although, I do not always have an allergic reaction to fries fried in oil, I have cut them out of my diet to avoid the possibility of an allergic reaction. Here in Chicago, I have found some restaurants that fry the french fries in duck fat instead of oil. You will not be allergic to it, but these fries are more expensive.

Hot Doug’s is in Chicago, IL. It is a fast food and hot dog store. However, they only sell the duck fat fries on Friday and Saturday. The Fat Duck Tavern and Grill is in Forest Park, IL. It sells duck fat fries all of the time, and the hamburgers are excellent. There is even free parking in a lot across the street near Harlem. If you would like to find a duck fat restaurant near you, Serious Eats has a list of restaurants across the country at http://www.seriouseats.com/2008/05/where-to-find-duck-fat-fries-across-the-country.html. This does not have all the restaurants listed.

Another option for food allergy friendly restaurants is, surprisingly, Buona Beef. Many of its meals do not have soy in them. However, the restaurant near me does use Turano Bread for the sandwiches. This bread does have soy, but I eat it anyway on occasion without any allergic reactions. The website has a list of all of its meals in a chart that shows what allergens are in them at: http://www.buona.com/download/Catering_Allergen_Info_8-10.pdf .

What’s your favorite restaurant?

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