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New Discoveries: Chicken Nuggets

Moving an hour away from Whole Foods was really disappointing. The selection so far in the country in the grocery stores is worse than in the city. However, I found a small natural food grocery store with some new food allergy products that I had not tried before. That was definitely an exciting find. They do not sell these at Whole Foods and I don’t know if you will find these products near you.

S’Better Farms- http://www.sbetterfarms.com/
I tried the chicken fingers. I really like the taste. I found the portions a bit smaller than I hoped. However, I really like them. The other great thing about this brand is that the meat is Glatt Kosher, Halal, Gluten Free, and free of most major allergens (except a small amount of egg that didn’t bother me when I ate it at all).

AllergyFree Foods- http://www.allergyfreefoods.com/
I tried the chicken nuggets. The bag is much larger than S’Better Farms. It is free of all major allergens. However, for those of you that want to stay away from all seeds, it does have some flax seeds in it. Recently, I have found myself more sensitive to spicy foods and found this food to be too peppery for me. You may like it yourself, though, if you can find it in a store near your.

Ian’s- http://www.iansnaturalfoods.com/
I have not tried Ian’s yet, but they make fish sticks and chicken nuggets that are gluten free, egg free and soy free. I will try them soon and let you know how they are. I bought the kid’s meal to try. However, I followed the directions that said to bake it in the plastic in the oven. My oven’s too hot, so the plastic melted. Do not ever follow the directions to put the plastic container in the oven.

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