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Are Gluten Free breads really worth buying?

I do not need to eat a gluten free diet. However, it can be difficult for me to find a bread without soy in them. Some of the breads without soy are gluten free breads, so I decided to try them. However, they are very expensive. Some gluten free breads have a lot of egg in them, which I am not supposed to eat. I did not try them, but if you can eat them, feel free to send me a comment of your review of other brands.

Food for Life makes rice breads that can be found in the freezer section. I have found the price as high as $7.50. This price is ridiculous. The bread is very sweet, so it tastes good. However, it crumbles too much and is smaller than a usual loaf of bread. It might work for breakfast, but does not work well for sandwiches.

Ener-G Foods makes a gluten free bread. I have seen it at some Jewel-Osco (Supervalu) stores, Whole Foods, and a local natural foods store on the regular shelves. This bread has been “preserved” in a vacuum sealed bag for a one year shelf life. I do not think that packaging works well. The bread was dry and stale tasting. It’s even smaller than Food for Life. I don’t think the one year shelf life idea is working for them. I recommend that you stay away from it.

Mostly, I don’t eat much bread anyway. I recommend trying to go without bread, make your own. Pita bread is easy to make. Try eating pasta, or whole grains instead of bread.

  1. December 16, 2012 at 7:49 am

    Thanks, this makes even more sense to me. You have simply made my day, just acquire the info I’m looking for. Does this approach works for teens like me? Is there any method to attempt?

    • December 20, 2012 at 12:00 pm

      People who eat gluten free diets may have celiac disease. They cannot digest foods made from gluten very well. If you are a teenager I would recommend talking to your doctor about your allergies and intolerances of food. A doctor can help you decide whether you need to eat gluten free food or avoid other foods due to allergies.

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