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Tips for Finding Soy Free Soup

If you are allergic to soy, you have probably noticed that soy products are in almost every packaged food. You may have decided to give up on looking at lists of ingredients and make your own food from scratch. Soup can be a lot of fun to make from scratch. Homemade soup tastes a lot better than soup from a can. However, there still are some options for you.

Even if one can of soup from a brand has soy, some soups do not. So it actually is worth it to check the ingredients again. Brands of soup vary from store to store, so I will not list all the brands here. Campbell’s surprisingly makes a couple of flavors without soy. Look at the ingredients of the flavors that are labeled “Select Harvest” and “100% Natural”. Check out the organic brands. Within each of the brands some flavors do not have soy, but other’s do. Also look for dried soup mixes in bags, like Frontier soups and Bob’s Red Mill. There are also dried soup mixes in the Kosher section from Manischewitz, Kedem, and Streit’s that are soy free.

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