Epipen News

The Epipen is a shot of epinephrine in an easy to use injection system. It is meant to be injected into the thigh muscle. Using it during a severe allergic reaction can save one’s life. Unfortunately, it has never been covered by insurance.

In the past, I have carried one in case of an emergency. I have never used it. When I did need to use it, I decided to go to the hospital and let a doctor give me shots, instead. Recently the price of an Epipen has increased so much that I feel I can no longer afford to buy it every year when I never use it anyway.

When I first started to buy the Epipen, one cost only $50. Then the price went up to $100 dollars. Now the company that makes it has stopped selling individual Epipens and only sells the 2-pack. The price for the adult 2-pack has increased to $280. This is ridiculous and unfair to those that want to cary it incase of an emergency. I think everyone should complain to the company and the FDA.

Without the Epipen, come up with a plan on how to handle allergic reactions in an emergency. Many children do not know the range of a reaction that they can get related to how much is consumed. The allergic reaction varies depending on the food and how much is eaten because the the proteins of each food come in different combinations.

If a reaction is mild enough to cause my mouth to itch and to have a mild problem with breathing, I take a Benedryl and drink a couple of glasses of water. When the hives spread to my entire body on the outside, face, ears, etc. and it is more difficult to breathe, then it’s time to go to the hospital for shots.

However, the most important thing is to always avoid eating what you are allergic to. Do not trust what people say about the food, whether they have made it themselves or you bought it from a restaurant. Many times they will even say the ingredients may be fine for you, but they will be wrong because they do not understand the problem. Some restaurants can provide you with lists of ingredients. These can be found on websites. If you avoid eating food that may be risky, you will not need to use the Epipen.

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