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Celebrate Spring Break with Baking

Now that spring break is here, I have a little more time on my hands to do some baking. Although I may not have time to write some more important articles until I finish graduate school in May. Today, I found a quick and easy recipe that is great all year round as a healthy desert, or eat with some ice cream.

Banana Fritters


3 medium sized ripe bananas
2 tbsp sugar (optional)
1.5 tbsp milk
4 tbsp flour or matzah meal
1 tbsp vanilla powder/extract
add additional spices like cinnamon as you wish
2 tbsp oil for shallow frying
a pinch of salt

Combine all ingredients into a mixing bowl except oil. Mash the bananas and mix with your fingers until smooth-thick batter formed.

Ensure the batter shouldn’t be too thin Or too thick. If the batter is thin add little flour and if too thick add little milk.

Take a frying pan to shallow fry. Add oil to it. Place on high heat. Once oil is hot reduce heat.
Use an ice-cream scoop to drop the batter into the pan. Once you scoop out the batter press from behind the scooper to slightly flatten the balls. If you would like them smaller, like a slice of banana, drop 1 tsp. of batter into the oil.

Fry them until golden brown and slightly crisp from outside. Ensure you fry both the sides. Be careful while turning them over. Else they might break. Handle with lots of love and care.

Place them on paper napkins to absorb excess oil on it.

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