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Eating Kitniyot for Passover

I have been so busy, that it has actually been 3 years since I posted my last blog post. However, Passover is such a difficult time for people with food allergies that I got excited when I heard that the Conservative denomination of Judaism has decided that it is time to stop the ban on kitniyot for Passover.

I have always felt that because I have food allergies, it was best to follow the Sephardic dietary restrictions for Passover that do not ban kitniyot. I have even seen Canola oil on a list of kitniyot because it is from the rapeseed. I have always felt that it was wrong to ban it for Passover while Quinoa is allowed.

Check out this article from the Forward: http://forward.com/culture/food/338525/conservative-movement-overturns-800-year-old-passover-ban-on-rice-and-legum/

Matzah can be so unappetizing that it can be difficult to eat it for a week without resorting to leavened bread. However, I have recently found another eggless matzah brei recipe that is quite tasty. The previous recipe that I found used cranberries in the ingredients can be found in a prior blog post.

Banana Matzah Brei

1-2 Matzahs
Milk, Juice, Wine or Water
1-2 Bananas
Butter or margarine

Crumble the matzah and place it in a bowl. Cover it with your choice of liquid, and let it sit for awhile to soften a bit. I like using milk. Mash the bananas in a bowl. Stir the matzah and cinnamon into the mashed banana with a couple of spoons of liquid, but not all of it. Fry the Matzah Brei in butter.

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