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How to Safely Celebrate Mardi Gras With Food Allergies or While on a Gluten Free Diet

I moved to Alabama recently, so I felt that my next several articles should be related to billboard-mardigras-1jpg-d00838f69df2cfb4.jpgthe South. Since Mardi Gras is tomorrow, it seemed that the first article should be on the subject. Mobile, AL claims to be the first city that celebrated it in the US, but New Orleans certainly has out shined the competition. Not being Christian, I hadn’t celebrated it before or paid any attention to the holiday. Mardi Gras is much more important to the Gulf Coast region than other parts of the United States. Given that it is a festive celebration before Lent, it seems like a Christian holiday. However, many of the parade and Ball themes seem far from Christian. Some of the parades in Louisiana honor the cultural heritage of its residents. However, the parade Krewes also honor the local neighborhoods, social and philanthropic clubs, myths, legends, a Yoruban God, Ancient Greek Gods, and Ancient Egyptian Gods. The parades of New Orleans happen for a whole month. Check out: http://www.mardigrasneworleans.com. Some people in Louisiana actually get two to three days off of work and school just for Mardi Gras, which makes this holiday seem just as important as Christmas.

DuIMG_0060ring that month before Mardi Gras, King Cakes are sold in stores. Employees bring them to work to share with the other employees and people bring them to parties. A plastic baby is supposed to be placed in the cake. Whoever finds it has to bring the King Cake next year. However, like many grocery store baked goods King Cakes are made with nuts, dairy, soy flour, soy oil and margarine. Pecans and cream cheese are common flavors to find. So those who have all types of food allergies need to be cautious around this cake.  The most food allergy friendly cake that I found at the grocery store was at The Fresh Market. It was made with canola oil  and only had soy lecithin and eggs in it. Soy lecithin does not bother me, even though I am allergic to soy.

Making a King Cake from scratch is the safest for most people. Traditionally, a King Cake was made as a yeast bread with frosting and purple, yellow, and green colored sugar on top. It also can be made with a variety of flavorings inside. It is also common to find King Cake’s made as monkey pull apart bread, made from biscuits or cinnamon rolls. The quickest and easiest way to make a King Cake is by using the Immaculate Cinnamon Rolls or Biscuits to make a pull apart bread. This brand uses palm oil and sunflower oil. The cake is usually frosted with a cream cheese frosting. If you can’t find the right sugar colors at your grocery, try Walmart. The “Celebrations” section of Walmart also sells packages of babies, to stick in the cake.

Here are some easy recipes:

King Cake Pull-Apart Bread

Quick and Easy Mardi Gras King Cake

If you’d like to make it from scratch or need to make a gluten free cake, I recommend using the sweet potato cinnamon roll recipeIMG_2084.jpg that I previously posted. This can be altered by substituting a gluten flour for the all purpose flour. Since rice flour breads crumble easily, it works better to bake a gluten free King Cake in a 9 x 9 square pan. The cake falls apart easily when a Bundt pan is turned over to remove the cake. In a cake pan it needs to cook at 400 degrees for about 45 min., more or less depending on the oven.



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