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Beyond Meat?: Not Worth the Price

I have been intrigued by the concept of Beyond Meat since I first heard of the concept when it made the news before the product was released. The company manufactures soy free, plant based, burger patties and sausages. Instead of soy, the burgers are made of pea protein. They also manufacture  fake chicken strips that do contain soy. The texture and flavor is supposed to mimic real meat. The product is currently being sold at a number of grocery stores including Whole Foods Market, Kroger, and Safeway, and is now available at restaurants including BurgerFi and TGI Fridays.

Ground Beef is one of my favorite foods. It has always been my go to comfort food. Although I have noticed Black Bean Burgers and Quinoa Burgers that are made without soy, I have never really had the desire to try them. I thought they may be too spicy. However, I never thought I would really want to give up beef in favor of a soy free veggie burger. However, Beyond Meat really intrigued me because it’s supposed to taste more like meat. I saw it at Whole Foods Market the other day, so I thought it would be worth the try even though it cost $5.99 for a half a pound.

Since I usually broil hamburgers, I tried to broil the Beyond Meat patty. The taste was rather plain. The flavor was more like a chicken burger than beef. However, the texture was definitely like ground meat. While flavor’s not bad, the flavor just doesn’t cut it for a beef lover like myself. The flavor and price weren’t the only problems. I tend to eat my food really fast, and don’t drink water until the end. This is probably common due to how quickly we eat when we only have 30 minutes for lunch. So after eating half of a Beyond Meat burger at my normal hamburger eating speed, I started to get nauseous. I tried eating some more. But after I was almost done (except for a couple of bites), I really nearly vomited. The Beyond Meat burger wasn’t digesting at my normal pace. It felt like I had swallowed a hamburger sized piece of chewing gum. Water helped settle my stomach, but I would never try that again, and don’t recommend it to people with food allergies. Well, maybe I wouldn’t have had such a bad reaction if I ate it mixed into a tomato sauce with pasta.

Beyond Meat really needs to come with the instructions:

“Eat the food slowly and drink plenty of water while eating it to aid with the digestion process.”

“This food must be consumed in small quantities, only.”

No matter how many reasons exist to try to convince someone to stop eating beef or to become a vegetarian, it would never convince me to give up one of my favorite comfort foods, Beef.

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