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A review of Applebee’s Allergen Menu

Applebee’s has an allergen menu on its website:

It does not look very accurate. I would not trust it. The menu lists salad dressing, fried and oriental food in the section that is supposed to be soy free. I find that really hard to believe that it would be soy free. I do not recommend this restaurant unless you get something really plain there, without sauce, not marinated or fried.


Anti-freeze in Food

April 3, 2013 2 comments

Gluten and Allergen Free Expo

Check out this expo when it comes to a city near you:

Restaurant Recommendations

Although olive oil is the oil of choice for Italian food, and the most recommended oil for nutritional value and for those with food allergies, not all Italian restaurants cook with olive oil. On occasion, I have been to a local family owned restaurant, asked what oil is used, heard the response olive oil, and got an allergic reaction to the food. They really did not use olive oil, but used soy based vegetable oil or a blended oil to create the sauce.

National chains are sometimes the best bet for someone with food allergies, because the websites have nutritional information. One of these that I would like to highlight is Olive Garden. You can find one of these everywhere. The website has a special page for people who are looking for gluten free or allergy friendly options: Certain dishes are clearly labeled that the oil is olive oil.

When you go you still need to declare to the server that you do not want soy or sauce on the meat, or else they put a sauce on the dish liked the “mixed grill”.

TGI Friday’s nutritional info says there is an allergen menu available, but it is not on the website.

Allergy Restaurant Reviews

I just found an interesting website advertised on Facebook: It is a guide to allergy friendly restaurants, and includes Disney World. I am not sure how great some of the restaurants really are. I noticed a lot of them on the list, that I know have soy in many of the meals, like Chipotle. But I have to write the article to give them a pat on the back for trying anyway.

Restaurant Advice

September 16, 2012 Leave a comment

I miss eating good french fries. Although, I do not always have an allergic reaction to fries fried in oil, I have cut them out of my diet to avoid the possibility of an allergic reaction. Here in Chicago, I have found some restaurants that fry the french fries in duck fat instead of oil. You will not be allergic to it, but these fries are more expensive.

Hot Doug’s is in Chicago, IL. It is a fast food and hot dog store. However, they only sell the duck fat fries on Friday and Saturday. The Fat Duck Tavern and Grill is in Forest Park, IL. It sells duck fat fries all of the time, and the hamburgers are excellent. There is even free parking in a lot across the street near Harlem. If you would like to find a duck fat restaurant near you, Serious Eats has a list of restaurants across the country at This does not have all the restaurants listed.

Another option for food allergy friendly restaurants is, surprisingly, Buona Beef. Many of its meals do not have soy in them. However, the restaurant near me does use Turano Bread for the sandwiches. This bread does have soy, but I eat it anyway on occasion without any allergic reactions. The website has a list of all of its meals in a chart that shows what allergens are in them at: .

What’s your favorite restaurant?

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